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Tree Surgery and Hedge Care Services

We offer a range of tree surgery and hedge care services across Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and the West Midlands. These include;

  • Tree pruning (crown reduction, crown thinning, crown raising and pollarding)
  • Tree remedial care (bracing)
  • Tree removal (felling and dismantling)
  • Tree waste removal (chipping and stump grinding)
  • Hedge care (hedge trimming and hedge reduction)
Tree care in Warwickshire - Crown reduction

Crown Reduction

When a tree has grown too big for its immediate setting, reducing the overall height and shape by cutting back individual branches will help to reduce the effects of shade and light loss. The final result is a smaller tree whilst maintaining a natural looking shape.

Tree Pruning in Oxfordshire - Crown thinning

Crown Thinning

Usually confined to broad leaved species, crown thinning is the removal of a percentage of smaller branches to reduce the density of foliage. The reduced density increases the amount of light in the tree and reduces the resistance to wind. The overall height and shape of the tree is generally unaltered.

Tree Care in the West Midlands - Crown raising

Crown Raising or Crown Lifting

This is the removal of the lowest branches of the tree and is usually carried out to facilitate access. It has the added benefit of allowing more light into the base of the tree. The overall height of the tree remains the same.

Tree Pruning in Warwickshire - Pollarding

Pollarding (Re-pollarding)

This is the removal of the whole canopy (leaves and branches) of a tree to encourage new shoots to grow from the cut point. The new shoots will form new branches and eventually a smaller canopy. Cutting back the new branches that grow from the pollard point is termed re-pollarding and is generally carried out every few years.

Tree Remedial Care in the West Midlands - Bracing


This is the installation of cables, straps and ties from one (stronger) part of a tree to support another (weaker) part of the tree without having to reduce or remove the weaker part.

Tree Removal in Warks - Felling


Is the cutting down of a tree in an area where space allows the tree to free fall to the ground.

Tree Removal in Oxon - Dismantling


Is the removal of a tree in sections generally because objects beneath or space available prevent the tree from being straight felled.

Tree Waste Removal across Warwickshire - Chipping


Branches cut from a tree are fed into a mechanical shredder which reduces the bulk of leaves and branches into a more manageable volume.

Tree Waste Removal in Oxfordshire - Stump grinding

Stump Grinding

If a tree is felled or dismantled the stump of the tree can be removed using a machine which comprises a rotating disc and teeth. The teeth essentially “grind” the stump away leaving only wood chip behind.

Hedge Care in Oxfordshire - Hedge trimming

Hedge Trimming

Is the cutting and shaping of an existing hedge usually in the spring/summer to maintain a formal shape.

Hedge Care in Warwickshire - Hedge reduction

Hedge Reduction

When a hedge becomes too tall the overall height can be reduced by cutting back the central stems.

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